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Ethical Service From a Licensed Home Inspector

Craftsman Home Inspection DBA Allmite Termite Pest Control, Inc. prides itself on providing ethical inspections from a licensed home inspector to residents in the Barrington, Rhode Island, area. With such big decisions at stake, it's important to make the right choice and save your household trouble and money in the long run.

Buyers Beware

In today's ever increasing buyer beware market, potential scams and fraudulent providers lurk around every corner. There is a growing trend within the real estate market wherein a home inspector and real estate agent will team up to make a quick sale, without regard for potential buyers. We recommend reading the Dateline NBC published article, "How To Find A Qualified Home Inspector" for tips and tricks on finding qualified, licensed home inspectors and avoiding scams. Often, new homeowners are finding out too late that defects have been purposely looked over or hidden to sell a house that they're now stuck with. Since the home inspection industry is largely unregulated, safeguard yourself and your investment by choosing a company with ethical inspection protocols by licensed home inspectors with the proper experience and credentials.



We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and values, which is why we have a few of our own ironclad rules we've put in place. Whether the news is good or bad, we'll be in your corner and let you know all of the details, big or small, that apply to your home. When we check for insects, we'll always tell you what we find, but we won't provide the pest control for you. As per the ASHI ethical standard, we will not take advantage of our findings in your home to use it as an opportunity to make an additional profit.

Spot a Qualified Inspector

Whether you choose us or another company, there some things to keep in mind when searching for inspectors. Qualified inspectors are:

• Licensed
• Experienced
• ASHI Certified

• Provide Sample Reports
• Give Honest  Referrals

It's not exactly easy because the home inspection industry, as NBC pointed out, is a largely unregulated one. Most states don't require home inspectors to be licensed. Although licensing doesn't guarantee competence, it's a basic credential that should be available for consumers as a baseline to judge an inspector's background. So where does that leave the homebuyer? How do you select a qualified home inspector? First of all, you should choose the inspector yourself, rather than let the real estate agent recommend one. Although agents are capable of making honest and well-intentioned referrals, this is one relationship with the potential for conflicts of interest. Ask if the company belongs to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). In addition, ask for a sample inspection report and if it complies with ASHI standards. Many companies also belong to statewide home inspection industry associations. As a trade association, ASHI sets certain standards of practice, including what constitutes a thorough inspection, and enforces those standards along with a code of ethics for its members. It also sponsors continuing education. Although ASHI membership is a positive credential, membership alone does not make a good inspector. And don't necessarily turn a non-member away if they come highly recommended. Many worthy inspectors have yet to discover the cost-benefits of trade guild membership. It's a common trait in the small business world. Here are other questions to ask How many years have you been in business? (The more the better.) This is critical. Nothing beats experience in the field.