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Licensed House and Termite Inspection

Craftsman Home Inspection DBA Allmite Termite Pest Control, Inc. proudly serves the Barrington, Rhode Island, area with dependable home inspections and termite inspections. For your convenience, we also offer radon and FHA inspections. Don't take making big decisions about your home lightly. When it comes to buying a new home or determining whether pests are invading your space, trust our honest advice.

House Inspections

Our team provides you with quality and unbiased service. We carefully inspect each home like the individual project it is to provide your customized inspection report. The average time we spend on an inspection after the report is complete is eight to 10 hours.

Termite Inspections

Our years of pest control experience gives us a leg up on the competitors when it comes to finding pests. We thoroughly check your home for termites and other wood-boring pests that can do damage to the frame and structure of your house. Unlike other companies who may only use binoculars while they briefly look around, we bring ladders in a variety of heights and sizes to get up close and personal with these potential threats to your home. Additionally, we know all the secret spots pests like to hide, and we can often find them in places companies inexperienced terminators tend to overlook.

Termite/wood-boring inspections completed by Craftsman Home Inspection. Disclosure of my ownership of Allmite Termite Pest Control, Inc. I also operate a termite/pest control business. Allmite has been in business since 1961. When Craftsman Home Inspection completes a termite inspection and recommends treatment for wood-destroying insects we will not accept the pest control work. You can be assured that I will use my knowledge of pests to inspect only. Note the ASHI ethical standard that does address this issue: “The member will promptly disclose to his client any interest in a business which may affect the client. The member will not allow an interest in any business to affect the quality or results of their inspection work which they may be called upon to perform. The inspection work may not be used as a vehicle by the inspector to deliberately obtain work in another field.” I will not accept pest control work as a result of any pest control recommendations stated on a Craftsman Home Inspection termite wood-boring inspection report. I have found that the knowledge/treatment of termites, carpenter ants and wood-boring beetles is indispensable in inspecting for such pests. In the “real world” I have found that there are inspection companies that will look for other work to gain as a result of a building inspection. This causes the inspector to be less thorough during his/her inspection. I have also found in the “real world” that inspection companies that offer termite inspections will sometimes miss a problem because they are not in the business of treating the above pests. For a knowledgeable termite inspector hire Ron Gower to inspect your home.